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Are you ready to make a DEAL?

Cat Country 98.9's "Deals" section is focused on getting you more exposure for your business at a greatly reduced cost. We feature our Deals section prominently on our website, social and mass media outlets and on-air on Cat Country 98.9.

A Note On Pricing Your Deal

We do not require any specific discount off of a product or service price to be listed on our site. We only require that some kind of discount is offered. That said, we highly recommend you offer a competitive discount to entice our listeners and visitors to purchase your product or service.

So How Much Will A Deal Post Cost Me?

Our Deals section is an integral part of increasing the traffic to our site from our listeners. Because of this, we are GIVING AWAY free advertising to locally-owned and operated businesses in our Deals section.

Some quick terms of use you agree to when you sign up for a deal:

- Cat Country 98.9 handles the sale and redemption of the deals on the site. We provide you a username and password to our deals website to see the details of vouchers which have been purchased. You are also able to check vouchers which have been redeemed.

- Cat Country 98.9 will remit payment for every deal exclusively via Paypal to the e-mail address you specify below as your Paypal address. We are currently unable to remit payment for deals via check to any of our partners. Payments for deals are remitted once monthly on the 15th for all deals purchased up to midnight on the 14th.

- A processing fee of 10% of the purchase price of each voucher will be deducted from the remitted payments to your business. This covers the administrative work by our staff and credit card fees assessed by Paypal our merchant processor. Please keep this in mind when pricing your deal.

Ready to MAKE A DEAL?

All you have to do is fill out the form below and we'll be happy to set you up on the site. It can take up to 48 hours before your deal goes live and requests are reviewed by our staff prior to posting to ensure you are a locally-owned and operated business.

One sentence best describing your deal.
Use this area to post information about your business, the deal and the other services and/or products you offer.
Please enter any restrictions for your deal here. (e.g. One per person, No Alcohol, etc.)
How many deals you'd like to be available for purchase before the deal ends.
This is normally the full price for the item or service offered.
This is the actual price we will charge the customer for the deal.



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